Minister’s Award Winner Statement

Mr Mike Dumbleton
For almost 20 years Mr Dumbleton has demonstrated inspirational leadership, dedication and commitment to improving literacy outcomes of students. He has developed resources and teaching practices which have fostered enthusiasm amongst students, and an increased focus on literacy across the curriculum.

Mr Dumbleton’s innovative approach led to his development of the ‘Online Literacy’ website launched by DECS SA, and Education Network Australia for students and teachers. This provides classroom-ready literacy support to teachers and ideas and frameworks to improve teacher’s teaching of literacy across the curriculum. It is also used by students as a source of direct on-line literacy support and scaffolding.

He has also improved student outcomes in written literacy through practical strategies to prepare students for senior study. This includes using Personal Achievement Writing Books for all students in Years 8-10. These books are a collection of each student’s best writing in a range of genres over their schooling.

Mr Dumbleton has generously shared his ideas and approaches, and continues to systematically encourage and support teachers across all curriculum areas to use best practice methodologies to address their students’ literacy needs. He is an engaging and sought after presenter at workshops and conferences, and has written educational publications including ‘Can Cards’ and ‘Real Writing Across the Curriculum.’

An accomplished and nationally recognised author of children’s books, his writing has engaged and delighted countless children. His books include Muddled-up Farm, selected as the National Simultaneous Storytime Book for 2004, and Watch out for Jamie Joel, short listed for Festival Awards for Adolescent Literature in 2004.