Picture Books


  • Hair, Little Book Press, 2023, Illustrator, Lucinda Gifford
  • Let the Singing Begin, (co-author Linda Dumbleton) Little Book Press, 2023, Illustrator, Mandy Foot
  • Dance in a Ring, (co-author Linda Dumbleton) Little Book Press, 2023, Illustrator Jedda Robaard
  • I Love You, (co-author Linda Dumbleton) Little Book Press, 2023, Illustrator, Tom Jellett
  • Mary had a Monstersaur, Larrikin House, 2021 Illustrator, Peter Bath
  • Dandy & Dazza, New Frontier Publishing, 2021, Illustrator, Brett Curzon
  • Anisa’s Alphabet, Midnight Sun Publishing, 2020, Illustrator, Hannah Sommerville
  • Once Upon My Legs, Little Book Press, 2019, Illustrator, Sarah Boese
  • Santa’s High-Tech Christmas, New Frontier Publishing, 2018 Illustrator, Angela Perrini
  • Digger, Allen & Unwin, 2018, Illustrator Robin Cowcher
  • Jump and Shout, Little Book Press, 2017, Illustrator Peter Carnarvas
  • Eve and Elly, Random House, 2016, Illustrator Laura Wood
  • Santa’s Outback Secret, Random House, 2014, Illustrator Tom Jellett
  • Meet Douglas Mawson, Random House, 2014, Illustrator Snip Green
  • Santa’s Secret, Random House, 2012, Illustrator Tom Jellett
  • Saving Muddled-up Farm, Random House, 2012, Illustrator Jobi Murphy
  • What Will Baby Do? Working Title Press, 2009, Illustrator Craig Smith,Victorian Libraries Young Readers Program gift book, 2010
  • Cat, Working Title Press (Australia), 2007; Kane/Miller Publishers (USA), 2008, Illustrator Craig Smith, CBCA Honour Book 2008, Picture Book to Performance Winner 2007, YABBA Awards Shortlist 2010
  • You Must Be Joking, Working Title Press, 2007, Illustrator Greg Holfeld
  • Muddled-up Farm, Random House, 2001; Star Bright Books (USA), 2013, Illustrator Jobi Murphy, Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year 2003, National Simultaneous Storytime Book 2004, CBCA Notable Book
  • Passing On, Random House, 2001, Illustrator Terry Denton, CBCA Shortlisted Book
  • Downsized, Random House, 1999, Illustrator Tom Jellett, CBCA Notable Book
  • Let’s Escape, Scholastic Australia, 1997, Illustrator Kim Gamble
  • I Hate Brussels Sprouts, Macmillan, 1994, Illustrator Rebecca Pannell
  • Ms Macdonald’s Farm, Macmillan, 1994, Illustrator Ann Whitehead
  • Mr Knuckles, Allen and Unwin, 1993, Illustrator Leigh Hobbs, CBCA Notable Book
  • Mrs Watson’s Goat, Macmillan, 1993, Illustrator Marina McAllan
  • Granny O’Brien and the Diamonds of Selmore, Omnibus Books, 1993, Illustrator David Cox, CBCA Notable Book
  • Dial-a-Croc, Omnibus Books (Australia), Orchard Books (USA), 1991, Illustrator Ann James, CBCA Notable Book

Junior Fiction & Non-Fiction

  • Christopher Columbus, Hameray Publishing USA, 2020
  • Seafarers and Explorers, Hameray Publishing USA, 2020

Weipa Kids & Books

  • Terrifiedosaurus Rex, Era Publications, 2016 Illustrator Pat Reynolds
  • Jet-bike, Era Publications, 2011 Illustrator Richard Dall
  • Jet-board, Era Publications, 2009, Illustrator Roger Roberts
  • Jet-ball, Era Publications, 2008, Illustrator Roger Roberts
  • One Cool Kangaroo, Era Publications, 2008, Illustrator Richard Dall
  • Hippopotamouse, Era Publications, 2007, Illustrator Nina Rycroft
  • The Giraffe in a Scarf, Era Publications, 2007, Illustrator Donna Gynell
  • Pumped Up, Allen and Unwin, 1995, Illustrator Shane Nagle

Young Adult Fiction

  • Watch Out For Jamie Joel, Allen and Unwin, 2003,  Festival Awards for Children’s Literature Shortlisted Book 2004


  • Tickle Your Toes, poem in Little Book Press, South Australia anthology, Lullabies for Bed Time, 2017
  • Tickle Your Toes, poem in The Big Book Club Inc., South Australia anthology, It’s Play
    , 2011
  • Slam Jam Sam, short story in Random House anthology, 30 Australian Stories for Children, 2003


  • Cat Giggle and Hoot – ABC TV 2010
  • Cat (e-book)
  • Watch Out For Jamie Joel (e-book)
  • Cat (Stage Play) Windmill Performing Arts, 2007
  • Watch Out For Jamie Joel (Audio
    Book) Louis Braille Audio, 2004
  • Muddled-up Farm, Play School – ABC TV; Disney Playhouse – Channel 7, 2003
  • Pumped Up (Book Bug TV Dramatisation) ABC, 1996
  • Beastie Stories (Audio Tape) Mark Mitchell reads Dial-a-Croc and 3 other stories, ABC, 1995
  • Mr Knuckles (Stage Play) Magpie Theatre (State Theatre of SA) 1994
  • Dial-a-Croc, More Than Words – ABC TV, 1993


Educational Resource Books/Materials

  • Can Cards – Writing: Text Types, co-author Linda Dumbleton, Era Publications, 2009
  • Going for Gold, story in Reading Works software package, Macroworks Software, 2003
  • Shark Ride Bay, story in Spinout Stories software package, Greygum Software, 2002
  • Addressing Literacy in Society and Environment,  Addressing Literacy in Science, Addressing Literacy in The Arts, (series) co-author with Ken Lountain, Curriculum Corporation, 1999
  • Real Writing Across The Curriculum – A Practical Guide To Improving and Publishing Student Work, South Australian Education Department, 1995
  • Hands On Poetry – A Practical Anthology, co-author with SA poet Jeff Guess, Educational Supplies (Dominie), 1991
  • Can Cards, Hawker Brownlow Education, 1989